Contact Your Politicians Now!

Please take a moment out of your day to print out the pre-written fax or letter below and send to the politician of your choice. Reality risked her freedom to do the right thing. This is the least we can do for her.

When learning more of Reality’s persecution, many of us are asking what else can we do. We use our social media accounts to tag news organizations, email and call our elected officials and spread the word at marches & events. But there has to be more right?

Face to face in an interview is always the best if you can obtain an appointment, but that may not always be possible. Many will be surprised, but our elected officials still receive faxes and mailed letters.

A nice mailed letter will get the attention of staffers, and while it might take a few days to get sorted and inspected through the mail system, If it catches the eye of a staffer, it has more of a chance of ending up on your representative’s desk. The same can be said of a fax, except it doesn’t have to be sorted, it will be delivered directly to the official’s office onto her or his fax machine, and has even more chance of getting to the rep’s desk because there aren’t as many faxes being sent these days.

Click the link below to find your members of Congress with their home and DC office fax numbers and mailing addresses:

Below you will find three printable PDF files; a letter and a fax to print, fill in the blanks and send on their way. And there’s also a dossier type PDF that you can download and print to give you more information if you’re planning a one on one meeting with your rep, to write a Letter to the Editor or your own article, put together your own event, or just for your own knowledge.

Our volunteers have even researched how to make faxing easier for you as well. While we have no affiliation with these apps, listed with the PDFs are a couple of faxing apps to download so you can send free faxes right from your phone. (Download your faxing app and the fax PDF, print out the PDF and fill in the blanks (to & from,) then snap a pic with your phone’s camera and send the fax on its way.)

When mailing a letter to the U.S. Senate, check below for the appropriate addresses:


Office of Senator “Name”
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510
“Name of Senate Committee”
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510


To find your Senators’ DC office fax numbers click the link below:

Stand With Reality

Not only can you access low cost faxing at home offices stores, but our volunteers found a couple of free faxing apps so you can fax for free right from your phone. Check out below for more.


Contact Your Politicians Now!

Ask your state & local officials to support an open investigation into the handling of Reality Winner’s Federal case.

Check out some free faxing apps:

FaxBurner                                    Fax.Plus 



* is in no 
way affiliated with any apps. 
We're just trying to make things 
easier for Reality's supporters.

You don’t even have to go to the post office to send your letter either. Check out & print your postage. Right now they’re even giving out $5 postage credit so you can essentially mail a few letters for free!



* is not 
affiliated with the US Postal
service in any way.

Reality Winner Dossier

This dossier is currently under construction, please check back again later.  We ask that you please bear with us as we are working as fast, and as accurately, as we can to get this information out to you.  We are a group of volunteer advocates that sincerely appreciate your patience.