#Justice4Reality Tweetstorm to #FreeRealityWinner

Feb 27th 9am-6pm EST

Follow our simple steps, use the hashtags, sample tweets & shareable images.

Our sustained tweetstorm will start in the morning just before supporters enter the courtroom and ends with the close of the court day (9am-6pm EST). Be sure you WAIT to use our special tweetstorm hashtag (#Justice4Reality) until the start of the tweetstorm! 

We have also created a virtual rally event for facebook users where we’ll share news coverage, interviews, tweets, and live updates from our supporters in Georgia.


Shareable Images

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4 Simple Steps
  1. Follow @standbyreality
  2. Share our plans to create a storm of support!
  3. Sign our petition to “Declassify the ‘Winner document’” now!
  4. Tweet up a storm on Feb 27th 9am-6pm EST 

Click on the buttons below for Tweetstorm content or download the PDF

You can also join our virtual rally event on facebook for live updates!



#Justice4Reality   (Don’t use until 2/27!)

Sample Tweets

Please feel free to copy, edit and use these sample tweets as you see fit!


  • Reality Winner accused of 1 crime: sharing vital news of Russian interference in our election with the American people. Why was this kept from us? Sign the petition, DECLASSIFY THE DOCUMENT NOW!  #Justice4Reality #FreeRealityWinner https://standwithreality.org/sign-the-petition/
  • Reality Winner = Innocent of crimes against her country. Is it right to punish someone for warning us of a cyberattack on our democracy? #Justice4Reality #FreeRealityWinner https://standwithreality.org/sign-the-petition/
  • Our young veteran, Reality Leigh Winner, was denied due process, jailed then silenced. Please raise your voice and demand her release. As @Rosie would say #Justice4Reality democracy.io
  • Why is Reality Winner still in jail when this administration continues to deny Russian interference and refuses to enforce sanctions? Why is she incarcerated while Washington Insiders are free? https://www.law.com/dailyreportonline/sites/dailyreportonline/2017/12/01/accused-media-leaker-remains-jailed-while-other-alleged-security-risks-get-house-arrest-or-bond/
  • Reality Winner – USAF Veteran jailed for almost 9 months, accused of leaking news of Russian election interference. Why is she jailed when those responsible for the crimes against us are not punished? #Justice4Reality #FreeRealityWinner https://standwithreality.org/sign-the-petition/
  • Voting is a fundamental right. Our election was tampered with. This case has precedent setting implications for whistleblowers, press freedom & election suppression. Give Reality a Fair Trial! The jury MUST see the documents & media coverage.  #Justice4Reality #FreeRealityWinner

A critical pre-trial hearing in Winner’s case will occur at the county courthouse in Augusta, Georgia February 27, 2018. The judge’s ruling will have a significant impact on Reality’s ability to attain a fair trial or not. We’re holding a tweetstorm in solidarity with Reality, her mother and supporters who will be inside the courtroom.

And we’re also launching a petition to the Department of Justice that they must “Declassify the Winner Document” now!

What's a tweetstorm?

A tweetstorm occurs when many people all use the same (often previously unused) hashtag on twitter at the same time. It is a strategic social media action to enhance the chances of a hashtag going viral and bring attention to an issue. In our case we’ll be tweeting #Justice4Reality all day on February 27th in solidarity with Reality, her mother and supporters that will be in the courtroom.

Be sure you WAIT to use our special tweetstorm hashtag (#Justice4Reality) until the start of the tweetstorm! We will be more effective if we all tweet these at around the same time, and not beforehand