Justice4Reality Tweetstorm A Success!

March 1, 2018

“I want to thank EVERYONE for the work on the twitterstorm. I feel as though the last 4 days have been a huge storm for us and it has been very hard to find any time to get online or rest. And I think Reality felt all of the support yesterday – she was in such good spirits last night when we spoke.”   -Billie Winner-Davis, Reality’s mother


What exactly did we achieve this week?


  1. Democracy Now! headlines (video posted above) AND an interview w/Billie tomorrow! TUNE IN!
  2. More than 22 million impressions on twitter
  3. 150+ new followers for our twitter account @standbyreality
  4. We reached 900 likes for our facebook page “Friends of Reality Winner
  5. 350 signatures for our Declassify the Winner Doc! petition
  6. An in-depth video report-back on Tuesday’s pre-trial hearing & article by Kevin Gosztola @Shadowproof
  7. Truth-Out article and some good local coverage . . .


A note from our social media manager Wendy Collins:

I want to send out my heartfelt thanks to all our twitter friends for the successful tweetstorm. The “Tsunami of support” was palpable. I truly believe that we can harness this new momentum, this cresting wave, to create awareness of Reality’s case. We must not stop pushing her name in every form of social media possible until the mainstream media finally realizes they are forgetting the heroine of the story – of Russiagate. Reality Winner is an American hero who needs our help. She is a truth teller – a young woman of conscience who risked everything for us. Please don’t stop.”   


Do you have a few hours of time to help out?

We could really use the help and have some clearly outlined volunteer tasks that can be accomplished within a few hours. Check out our list of focused volunteer opportunities to #FreeRealityWinner such as simple online research. Join the team!

As she was being driven away from the federal courthouse, Reality threw a peace sign to the world. Tuesday was the 1st hearing that supporters have attended & we may have uplifted her spirits!

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