Stand with Reality Support Group and Defense Fund Update

July 20, 2017

Reality’s defense needs to be able to stand up to the prosecution’s attacks between now and October and give her the best legal defense possible. We’ve been able to pay the legal retainer, but have a ways to go to our $100,000 goal. First Look Media’s Press Freedom Defense Fund is currently matching every donation until August 30th, up to $50,000. We need your help. Now is the time to donate.

Letter from Reality

We heard from Reality this week via a letter she sent to her mother, which we were graciously allowed to share. You can see it here.

Prosecution doesn’t want jury to know what the document was about

The most important development in Reality’s case this week is the ongoing effort by the prosecution to hamstring her defense on “national security” grounds. The prosecution hopes to keep Reality’s defense team from talking about the contents of the document she allegedly released, and by extension, whether the information was harmful to national security.

It’s harmful when Americans are kept in the dark about security vulnerabilities in our election system, and when investigative journalists can’t hold the powerful accountable because their sources are afraid to come forward. Democracy Now! recently covered Reality’s case in this context here.

Campaign artwork – please use it

“Stand with Reality” artwork is now available for you to download and use in your DIY projects to show your support for Reality. Meanwhile, we’re in the process of producing stickers and buttons.

If we send you a banner, what could you do with it?

Interested in getting a 6’x2’ banner to use in your community? We’ll send you one, similar to the banner at the top of this email. Just send us a message here with a description of how you’d use a banner, and if you prefer the red/white/blue version, or the aqua/orange version. All we need in return is a photo of you and a few friends holding it, showing your support for Reality.

Together, we can win this battle in the war on whistleblowers. Thank you for continuing to #standwithreality!

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