Reality Leigh Winner is a whistleblower who has been jailed without bail since June 3, 2017 for helping expose Russian hacking efforts leading up to the 2016 US election. Charged under the Espionage Act for sending a classified document to the media, she faces 10 years in prison. She is the first victim of the Trump Administration’s “war on leakers.” 

Her trial is expect to begin late 2018 or early 2019 in Augusta, Georgia. Please donate to her defense, write her a letter, and sign the petition!


My daughter Reality has decided to change her plea. I believe that this plea is in Reality’s best interest at this time. Given the time and circumstances and the nature of the Espionage charge I believe that this was the only way that she could receive a fair sentence. I still disagree strongly with the use of the Espionage charge against citizens like reality. The use of the Espionage charge prevents a person from defending themselves or explaining their actions to a jury, thus making it difficult for them to receive a fair trial and treatment in the court system. I do believe that whatever reality did or did not do she acted with good intentions. I know that she will accept full responsibility for any wrongdoing and that she is ready and willing to face the consequences. I ask for continued support for her, She will need your continued support and belief in her as she continues this battle.

The cards were stacked against her and she couldn’t defend herself against the Espionage charge as that charge doesn’t allow for defendant to show public Interest or best Interest or intent. We need to work toward reforming laws so that the Espionage Act is not leveraged against our citizens.

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