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Air Force veteran Reality Leigh Winner has been charged under the Espionage Act for leaking a single document report analyzing cyber attacks on the United States’ election infrastructure. This report set off a wave of concern and scrutiny regarding the security of the  2018 elections and upcoming 2020 elections.

Despite the public benefit of the released information, Winner’s defense faced onerous restrictions. The court ruled that the classified document and all related articles, including public media reports, were not admissible as evidence. This effectively denied any jury an opportunity to not only understand the impact of the document, but the substance of the case itself. This effectively denied Winner a fair and open trial leaving no better choice than to plead guilty and accept a plea deal. Reality Winner has received the harshest sentence ever to be handed down to a whistleblower, a record breaking 5 year, 3 months, for a single document, with no priors.

We ask that you sign the petition if you, like us, believe that Reality Winner does not deserve to be labeled as a felon for the rest of her life.

Now that you’ve signed the petition, what else can you do? Well, we are building from the ground up so we are always seeking volunteers. The volunteer form below allows you to tell us a little about yourself and gives you a chance to tell us how you can help. Thanks for everything! <3

Please ensure that your spam filters are set so that you can receive emails from us. We have tried to reach out to some volunteers only to receive our email back due to strict spam filters in some volunteer email accounts. If you aren’t sure how to adjust your spam settings you can also add the following email address to your contacts: RealityAngel.Liz@activist.com 

Thank you for all you do!! ❤💜

Write to Reality

PO BOX 27137

  • Do not mail anything of value, including money or stamps.
  • Do not use an address label with her name on it when sending mail.
  • All correspondence is reviewed by prison staff.
  • She can receive books sent to her directly from Amazon.com.
  • More information about communicating with Reality, including how to send her money for her prison commissary account.
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