Official Reality Winner Support Petition for Clemency to President Biden

On June 3, 2017, Reality Leigh Winner was jailed for providing the news media with a classified intelligence assessment that called public attention to a threat to our United States electoral process. A Spear Phishing Attack targeted election support companies during the US 2016 Presidential Election.  Many consider her disclosure a public service because it allowed the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to send out industry-standard warnings to the targeted companies. Protecting the vote and their election equipment was a priority, yet Homeland Security couldn’t warn the contractors because it was classified.  

Thanks to Reality Winner the public has been informed & we should be able to take defensive measures if the government wants to do so. The EAC had hashtagged #RealityWinner on Twitter when she blew the whistle on this election interference, but despite this, it’s still unclear as to how much of our election infrastructure has been breached.

@EACgovAlert – Following NSA document leak, EAC Issues Guidance and Recommendations: #RealityWinner #NSA

When Reality first petitioned for clemency in Feb 2020, Former President Trump was in office and there were over 13k petitions backlogged due to Trump skipping over the US Pardon Attorney and taking his cue of who’s petition to grant from celebrities and those with money.

The current US Pardon Attorney is Rosalind Sargent-Burns & was appointed by Bill Barr in May 2019. With so many petitions backlogged due to Trump skipping the Pardoning process, US Pardon Attorney Sargent-Burns has a lot of work in front of her.  Advocates need to help her and President Biden become aware of Reality’s petition for clemency that has been in pending status for over a year.


Below is the contact information for US Pardon Attorney along with Reality’s petition number and BOP ID number. (Obtained from DOJ’s website.) Email is the Pardon Attorney Office’s preferred method of contact, however, by calling and selecting option #4, you can leave a message with Reality’s petition and BOP numbers confirming your support to #FreeRealityWinner and they will receive it.

Reality Winner’s BOP #: 22056-021 & Clemency Petition #: C289645
US Pardon Attorney Rosalind Sargent-Burns contact information:
Phone number-

(202)616-6070 (Press Option #4)


Mailing Address-

US Dept of Justice

Office of the Pardon Attorney

950 Pennsylvania Ave – RFK Main Justice Building

Washington DC, 20530


Stand With Reality, comprised of advocates of Reality Winner and all whistleblowers, are circulating this petition to show support for Reality Winner’s Clemency Petition and will be to sent to President Biden. Will you show your support by signing this petition?

You can view Reality’s Petition for Clemency by >clicking here.< You will be redirected to the document cloud.

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