Three Years Is Long Enough

June 3, 2020:

It has been three years since the arrest & jailing of Reality Leigh Winner, the US Air Force veteran who risked her freedom to protect ours.  Now among a global health pandemic and wide spread protests stemming from the death of George Floyd, Reality is still at the forefront of serving her communities however she can.

Reality has made an impact on so many people’s lives, and she’s not quitting now!  Even though we all know it’s time for Reality to come home, she still pushes on, now wanting to raise awareness for how the pandemic has affected the US prison system and the DOJ’s response to the pandemic.

“Do You Recognize Jesus Christ” by Rainbow Wolf



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We are also hosting a Tweet rally on Twitter!

Head over to Twitter and be sure to use the hashtags #CommpassionateRelease4Reality and #Tweet4Reality since she has been silenced for three years now. And don’t forget to tag @standbyreality so we can retweet & your tweet will show up on the bottom of our homepage!

It’s easy to participate on Twitter wherever you are, just follow these simple steps:

  • Use the hashtags #Tweet4Reality and #CommpassionateRelease4Reality 
  • Change your social media profile picture to one of Reality Winner and use shareable images (click here) in your tweets, located right here on our site or any other great Reality Winner image you would like to use.
  • Tag any US government officials you feel should be doing something about this injustice.  We want to get the attention of all our US reps.
  • Our tweet rally will start in the morning and ends aound bedtime. (9am-9pm EST)
  • Be sure you tag @standbyreality in your tweets