5 Reasons Why Reality Winner is the Hero America Needs

Reality Winner, the 25-year-old Air Force veteran charged with leaking classified documents about Russian election interference to The Intercept, isn’t *just* an incredibly courageous and resilient young woman. She’s also intelligent, outspoken, and funny as hell. We compiled some of her greatest hits from social media (she goes by “Sara Winners” on Twitter) and the letters she’s sent friends and family from jail.

1. She understands the true meaning of Free Speech

One of the oldest and dumbest strategies for getting easy applause in U.S. politics is threatening to outlaw flag burning. People who understand how our government works, like Reality, never fall for it for a second. She re-tweeted criticism of Trump’s “idea” to ban flag burning, and topped it off with a savage burn about Trump’s ongoing too-cozy relationship with the KKK.

2. She’s committed to fighting racism

Reality is a vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, and shared this excellent criticism of those who want to ignore or downplay anti-Black racism.

And while she’s been in jail awaiting trial, she’s kept busy making sketches of civil rights heroes:

3. She stands up for environmental justice

During the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock in 2016, Reality re-tweeted photos and tweets condemning the violence against protesters.

She also helped promote a fundraiser to support veterans like herself who traveled to Standing Rock.

And when the Trump admnistration threatened to silence government employees like herself on climate change, she spoke up in their defense.

4. She knows you can be against ISIS and still stand with Muslim immigrants

Reality joined the Air Force right out of high school and served as a language analyst as a fluent speaker of 4 languages. She received the Air Force Medal of Commendation for her work. Her friends say that the fight against ISIS was one of her many passions:

“She is obsessed with the fight against Islamic State,” said Golden. “She said the problem was rampant – worse than people were aware of or what the media reported.” When a Jordanian pilot was filmed being burned to death by terrorists in February 2015, she emailed friends in despair about the world.

But that didn’t stop her from using (ahem) colorful language to describe the harm done by Trump’s proposed immigration ban in January.

5. Even in jail, she’s crushing her #fitnessgoals

Reality is an avid weightlifter, a yoga teacher, and a CrossFit fanatic, and putting her behind bars didn’t stop her.

Reality’s courage, and her outspoken passion for social justice, make her the hero America needs right now. When the news is filled with political celebrities just shouting, lying, and bullying everyone, we need someone like Reality to remind us what America can be at its best.

Join our campaign today, help us get Reality a fair trial, and help make sure everyone knows the name of this brave and inspiring young woman.

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