Assange: Reality “has been treated absolutely appallingly”

Oct 10, 2017

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, commented on the denial of bail to Reality Winner on the news program Democracy Now! on Tuesday:

JULIAN ASSANGE: Yeah, I mean, it’s a political decision by the judge. I think she has been treated absolutely appallingly. Absolutely appallingly. And her alleged act is very minimal.
…she is a working-class whistleblower. She is not a whistleblower—she is not a leaker or a whistleblower who has access to power. And so, as a result, we see what happens to her. She goes to prison, where—even in pretrial detention, is clearly not of harm to anyone. It’s come out that the FBI faked a transcript of hers, where she said she had acquired more than one document. It turns out that that was fake. And they’ve used that to keep her in prison.

Watch the segment here:

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