Reality Winner Friends and Family Gather in Kingsville

September 11, 2017

Family and friends of Reality Winner pulled together a lovely gathering on Saturday, September 2 in Kleberg Park in Kingsville, despite the challenges of multiple location changes, venue cancellations, and the heavy hearts of everyone in South Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

“I am very thankful for all who came out to show support and learn about Reality today,” said Reality’s mother, Billie Winner-Davis. “While our turnout was not huge, those who came out were awesome and and were truly supportive,” she said.

The event gave the three dozen attendees an opportunity to gain a better understanding of Reality. The west side barbecue area was decked out in full red, white & blue regalia, alongside mementos of her many accomplishments: her awards from H.M. King High School, her letterman jacket, her Air Force Commendation Award letter, and the celebratory Air Force farewell photo with sisters and brothers of her unit, adorned with thanks, well wishes, and appreciation for Reality’s positive energy in the face of incredibly hard work.


In addition to learning and sharing about her upbringing, attendees got to see the personal passions that drive Reality’s day-to-day life. She is an amazing artist, who applies her hand as lovingly to her oil paintings of the family cat as to her powerful sketches of civil rights icons she is creating in pencil today from a Georgia jail cell. She is also a talented writer, bravely baring her soul in everything from school papers to her recent love letter to Kingsville, published in the local newspaper.

People who came to the park on Saturday got to see Reality’s generosity of spirit on display, and they got to give back to her in her time of need: family, friends and supporters sent postcards in her defense to the Department of Justice and elected officials, as well as personal messages to Reality, as she sits in jail waiting for trial next March.

While the event was small, it galvanized Reality’s core supporters (aka Team Reality) and helped build momentum for the tough fight ahead.

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