The Kingsville Record and Bishop News published a heartfelt letter from Reality Winner to her friends and supporters in her hometown, Kingsville, Texas, as they prepare to host an informational gathering on September 2nd.

In the letter, Reality credits her home town with pushing her to aim high in life. Reality joined the Air Force right out of high school, where she learned 4 languages and served with distinction, earning the Air Force Commendation Medal upon leaving the service. In the letter, she writes:

You gave us what you could in the form of truly extraordinary teachers, coaches and neighbors, and what you lacked, you gave us the tenacity to overcome. Like a mother bird, you did everything to push me beyond the nest, but while you taught me to aim high and fly, you reminded me to keep the small town communities like yours in my peripheral.

That behind every grand plan to save the world lie thousands of miracles in the small acts of kindness in one neighborhood, from housing those displaced by (Hurricane) Katrina in our humble (coliseum), to the innocent joy of our La Posada (which, by the way, is still my favorite way to spend my birthday weekend), when a city – my city – stands victorious and united against the test of time.

Billie Winner-Davis and Stand With Reality are hosting an informational meeting in Kingsville on September 2nd. For more information, and to RSVP, visit the event page on Facebook.

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