Focused Volunteer Opportunities to Free Reality Winner!

March 1, 2018

~Tasks with Small Time Commitments & Basic Online Research Skills~


  1. Outreach: Help us by conducting simple online research of contact info for organizations in GA, Gulf Coast & nationally
  2. Media: Want to help us update our media list via simple online research for people’s contact information?
  3. Wikipedia: Are you a wiki editor who can update entries regarding Reality?
~For Those with Communications Skills or Legal Knowledge~


  1. Educate our Legislators: Outreach to congressional candidates & sitting members of congress. Knowledge of Reality’s case & the espionage act is a plus, but anyone interested can learn. Comfort talking with people on the phone is essential
  2. Legal Education & Advocacy: Review court documents and write short pieces suitable for newsletter publication explaining noteworthy news as well as framing within a historical & political context. If you’re a member of the National Lawyer’s Guild or ACLU, inquire with them about making a public statement of concern about RW’s case. What progressive legal orgs are you a part of that you could try to make some headway with attention to this case? Write about it in their newsletters, . . .
~Can you write Letters to the Editor or an Op Ed?~


  1. Letters to the Editor: Can you write Letters to the Editor (LTE)? They are more likely to be published when they are hinging on current events and news headlines. Also note that some of the larger news publications with national reach do not require that you are a resident within their area to publish a LTE. When your letters are published please notify us so that we can use it as an example to encourage others to do the same.
  2. Op Eds: We need to insert Reality’s name into conversations as we are not getting the press we need. Your pieces do not need to be entirely about Reality at all. What is important is that we get them into publications and that they bring up her name and case. Feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss approaches. When your piece is published please notify us so that we may publicize it.
~Call for Artists and the Creative~


Artists: We need images, graphic design, memes and visual inspiration! Videographers and those of you with basic video editing skills, we need short campaign videos. We have footage, audio and access. Check out our current Images & Memes and Photo Album for resources or create something entirely new! We’d love to help you with direction, further resources or answer your questions – just contact us. Also check out “A Volunteer’s Artistic Inquiry into the Case of Reality Winner“!

Many Hands Make Light Work

Each of these volunteering opportunities can be accomplished in a relatively small amount of time commitment on your part. They are specific tasks that have already been outlined, strategized and mostly can be done online from anywhere. Depending upon the task you would likely be working in collaboration and under the direction of a team member already addressing the particular area. We just need your help to accomplish them!

Contact us now with your interest, experience/skills or questions!


As she was being driven away from the federal courthouse, Reality threw a peace sign to the world. Tuesday was the 1st hearing that supporters have attended & we may have uplifted her spirits!

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